Sagacity of Sound

by Broslyn Bards

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This album is dedicated to Mary Turner and the people of Wichita.

It is the first studio album produced and released by The Broslyn Bards. The vast majority of the material was recorded in late October 2012 in both The Chatauqua House and KB Casa. It is a celebration of our friendship and our partnership in times of both joy and grief.


released July 5, 2013

We are very proud to share our music with you. Many musicians and friends collaborated to create these songs, and it has been our pleasure to produce and present to you our 39 minute and 21 second fingerprint on the world. All songs written by the universe, performed by The Broslyn Bards. Individual tracks contain more specific musician/instrument information.

In the meantime, here are the players...or bards if you will:

Patrick Becker, Christopher Belanger, Kylie Brown, Michael Everett, Taryn Trousdale, Xavier O'Luain, Jered Becker, Austin Johanning, Shawn Craver, Noah Hamilton, Heather Hamilton, Tyler Dockstader, Eric Bennett, Tyler Kelley, Joel Cachero, Dante Rouser, Brandon Kelly, Joshua Maxwell, and Mary Turner.

Patrick Becker, Christopher Belanger, Kylie Brown, Michael Everett, Taryn Trousdale, Noah Hamilton, Eric Bennett, and Shannon Harrell.

Production and Sound Engineering:
Christopher Belanger and Michael Everett

Production Consultants:
Tyler Dockstater, Silas Goss, Jake Neher, and Noah Hamilton

Album Art:
Patrick Becker



all rights reserved


Broslyn Bards Wichita, Kansas

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Track Name: Harbour for Your Courage
many broken pilgrims search the sea
temporary vessels, tattered sails and busted reeds
hearts are getting heavy
arms are flailing
time is over, time will cease
into the belly

harbour for your courage
enter turmoil, there's a bottle for your peace
hold on to me
caress this bounty
together we are pearl

we misplace our splendor for our suffering
captain one and all
followed down with every ship
waste becomes our treasure
when our pride is overthrown
for our love
Track Name: Cats and Birds
come home
cats and birds
your family is waiting
come home
cats and birds
your mother is crying
it's raining and hailing

don't fight
cats and birds
there's plenty of food
come home
cats and birds
your mother is hurting
the table is empty
and we need you
cats and birds
Track Name: Notes of Green
i take a dive into plenty of space
and i know somehow i will land
you worry what be of your dull symphony
patience my friend, it's at hand

it's gold

so why must i see the relative brightness
don't hold back these notes of green
shall i color the walls
a clear liquid sound
i know you can't see it
by god you can hear it

something that needs to be heard
Track Name: Words of Comfort
you melted yourself to a puddle on the floor
the high's not as good if there's nothing inside anymore
and life gets pretty small when you get lost in the bowl
you're better than that son, i've seen your soul

close your legs girl, it doesn't suit your face
you're an angel, slowly falling from grace
well there's nothing i can do if you don't care anymore
you're better than that love, i've seen your soul

you made some mistakes and now you hide in the dark
you're too afraid of the goodness in your heart
but i know you'll overcome, i've seen your soul
you might be broken up but you're a piece to a bigger whole

you once wore the crown but your kingdom has crumbled to dust
the cumbersome words of comfort are beyond your trust
and even in your dreams you're a fool, you know you'll wake up
you know you gotta do something but you don't know what

what are we for if we're not for someone else
if we're all alone, why should we love ourselves
well you know what i will say kid
i've seen your soul
i don't know what we are for
but i know it's better not to know
you might be broken up but you're a piece to a bigger whole
Track Name: Story Will Never Cease
i will not weep
when you cease to speak i will breathe
and know that i'm breathing you in
i'll know that i'm breathing you in
you're in the wind
all your sins, all your hopes, all your dreams
every ounce of you wrapped around me
every ounce of you wrapped around me

you are a song
and a song that is yet to be
a burning that you couldn't keep
trapped behind this skin
you are great
greater than what was composed
your decomposition is bold
now the earth is a host for your soul

and you are free
and nothing is holding you in
you are taking the earth for a spin
every story you are within, you are within

and story
story will never cease

you grow and you grow and you grow
every inch of the world is a soul
every second you come and you go
every second you come and you go
our bodies have died
so that we can live thousands of lives
we have to sing out what's inside
we have to sing out what's inside
there is light
and a day is a place to begin
but the night does not signal our end
we turn over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again
and the story
story will never cease
Track Name: Dear Citizen
dear citizen
if the music gets too loud
knock and kindly ask
and we can cool it down
dear citizen
don't call the cops on me
cause i can't afford the fee

dear citizen
i apologize
for parking in your spot
on your side of the street
if it means anything
please keep the letters coming
but don't be so condescending
there's no need to be
dear citizen
you're welcome anytime
please come over for coffee

dear citizen
we're not citizens at all
we are children in a sandbox
with handfuls of time
and we can get by
if i knock your castle over
i can help you build a new one

dear officer
take off your mask
you're not fooling anyone but yourself
with that badge
dear officer
you're the same as me
forget your false superiority
and please don't arrest me
dear officer this includes you

so all children of the universe with attitude sing
Track Name: You Don't Cry
you don't cry anymore
you don't even bleed
before your heart dries up
you need a release

when your eyes have forgotten how to cry
and your ears only hear the destructive words
you're unable to develop the big picture in your head
when the pretty people tell you how to feel
you concede the fight before it has begun
you sacrifice your argumentative nature
you no longer hold your head up high with pride
when there is no cause worth fighting for

your grass has turned to straw, it's getting withered
you can't even feel the blisters on your feet
you're sly of heart, choking on your schemes
your pail of water's floating into steam

as you collapse, you say you're not the answer
but you don't believe the words you speak
you're hollowed out, a hole in home to foster
the love of yourself you put to sleep
Track Name: Trees
so i filled the empty spaces
like the walls of a room
with images that take me away
to a world more enchanting and inviting
to my ideology
and my distracted frame of mind

cause the world's moving faster
and i'm stuck in one place
like a tree, with its purpose undefined
now becoming more defined
i see only love and beauty
i see leaving and returning as one in the same

still we speak metaphorically to give our troubled minds
the capacity to understand all sides
and somewhere, in this allegory wisdom
has a place for me to hide
while love and sound erases time
while love and sound erases
Track Name: The Record Is Repeating
now that the hardest parts are over
can we still be friends
not like it's been
we are a phone off of the hook
a big misunderstanding
a left-in-the-dark
an unpleasant landing

maybe our time in the sand
is seedless and trapped
on opposite sides of the hourglass
we're busy with the hopelessly illogical construct
of friends between lovers
it never makes sense
cause there aren't any rules
only imperfect creatures

the sounds are getting stranger
i question if my senses are returning or endangered
i am an astronaut in space
and you are the equator
but it's you who is drifting
in and out of temptations
like addictions
fun to make light of
if and only if
we eventually shake them

so shake the world with me
like a snowglobe
the flakes can fall freely
we don't have to worry
how the puzzle is forming
until we are sure we have all the right pieces

you are the echo of a previous daydream
once i escaped i woke up to living
and to my surprise you were there listening
we were both playing music
strange for so long i had thought that my dreams
had considered you dead
now the record is repeating
Track Name: Bird
stand back, do the countdown
five four three two one i'm taking off now
and you all look like ants
but you're not as strong as ants
and it's a bright day but i can't tell
there's a window but it's crystal and it's cracked in the middle
and everything looks like
it's a spider or a fly and i'm a bird
but i have no where to go

so i sing and it sounds pretty
to some but to others it just gets annoying
and they want me to shut up so they can get more sleep, but no
there's nothing you can do
i can sing all i want and i'm singing to you
and the words to this song are very meaningful
but you don't speak bird
if you lived here you would learn the language

and as time goes by you'll notice that there's more to what you'll see
it makes no difference, it's the same damn thing
and when they clip your arms you're no longer a scarecrow
you're a child, you're a pile of blindfolds

we fly, fly like bird fly, fly together, like a feather
think fast, here comes a hard one
in the form of fifty milliion smart bombs
just because you're underground
doesn't mean you're safe from harm
and i try to float on with a wing and a prayer
that goes out to anyone who's waiting
wanting to share
it's not a novel if you don't write it down anywhere